Listen to Us Instead!

We all know Go90 really doesn’t provide a high level of quality in announcers, so we here at Riveting! would like to provide you an alternative for today’s match vs the Washington Spirit: Listen to us instead!  We will be running a live audio stream to listen to instead of whatever yahoos Go90 has stuck in front of a microphone.  It will be done via Twitch (on our BRAND NEW Twitch channel!) and we promise that we are making sure it works before going on the air (what a novelty!).

Tune into at 3:30 PM today, where we will have a pregame show (of a sort) before the game starts, and should have a recorded archive of it after as well for posterity.  If you have the Twitch app on your mobile device, you can listen there as well.  Keep an eye on one of our social medias today for any further announcements!



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