Episode 33: Brave New World

We’re back! In our first episode since the pandemic, we try and define the current status quo, how living in a COVID world has changed women’s soccer and how it has affected the NWSL and the Thorns specifically.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 33: Brave New World

  1. Of course, no sooner than I talk about the possibility of England in She Believes and they announce the details. Brazil, Canada, and Japan. COVID may have ruled the Lionesses out. The Cup is planned for the Pride’s pitch in Orlando, not the ESPN complex. This indicates to me that there will not be a true bubble.

    1. In the Baird interview (see below) she says the Challenge Cup won’t be played in a bubble, but says there’s a plan B: “They’re planning for CC 2021 to be in home markets but have a backup plan for a bubble in case they need to respond to changing situations in those markets.” My guess is that this might be the plan for the SBC, as well…

  2. And no sooner did we talk about the leagues around the world and how they affected the NWSL we got a cascade of news ranging from this season’s big draft name, Catarina Macario, signing with Lyon (oh, yeah, THERE’s a team that needs another great player…), Dahlkamper leaving The Damned to go to ManCity, Dunn and Horan leaving the USSF fold and signing big Bairdbux contracts with the Thorns, and the Baird interview where she outlines a whole raft of changes (Steph Yang summarizes them here: https://www.allforxi.com/2021/1/12/22227095/lisa-baird-preview-nwsl-2021-college-draft-gives-us-information-overload)


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