Hander-out of Riveters chant sheets, electric car enthusiast, fan of Thorns, Timbers, Chelsea and only lately, Leicester City.

JOHN LAWES | @FDChiefC2218

I’ve been writing about Thorns FC ever since the inaugural season – first at Slide Rule Pass, and then at Stumptown Footy – and have been a fan and player of the game for a couple of decades.

Shannan Sorenson

Portland transplant since 2016, quickly made friends through the shared passion of watching soccer. As a soccer fan, it wasn’t hard to find herself completely immersed in the fantastic soccer community here. You’ll find her cheering on the Thorns and Timbers for home matches at Providence Park, or around town cheering on the US national teams.


DJ at Freeform Portland, co-founder,  Modernist Spirits (coming soon! Seriously finally here!), and juggler of too many projects.  Love my Thorns, Timbers and Everton. Resident of the greatest town on earth.