The Thorns Prediction Game

Matchday 21. The Inter-Dash Match

In an emotional setting, midweek, with a small but supportive crowd, the Thorns lost to the Dash 2-3. Perhaps it was hard to concentrate on the footie – which was sometimes ethereal, other times dire – but the Thorns let Rachel Daly do her thing and she did.

None of our players predicted a loss, of course. Everyone got a least a goal scorer correct, with Roses also calling a correct goal-assist combo. 4-4-2’s story of Liv Moultrie bringing goodies for the teams earned them two points. And Constant Weeder reached the century mark!

[2-3 Thorns loss. Daly, Mewis from Hanson, Sinclair from Horan, Smith from Horan, Daly. First yellow card to Sauerbrunn, no red card.]

Roses is (permanently?) in the middle-of-the-pack prize spot

Having lost our game-in-hand, the Thorns head to Kansas City for a must-win game. Tune in Sunday at 2:00PM (Paramount + in USA, Twitch elsewhere) to see how it goes. KC NWSL have all but wrapped up the Wooden Spoon, However they’re still dangerous at home.

[Last meeting: August 1, 2021 at Providence Park, 2-0 Thorns win.]

How this works:
Add a comment to this post. As your first line, put your predicted result, for example 3-1 Thorns.

In the body of your comment, start with the goals and assists, like so:
Smith (Klingenberg)
Salem (Free kick)
Moultrie (Unassisted)
Hamilton (PK)

Next, name the first yellow card recipient: Hailie Mace
Then a red card. (NOTE: no points awarded for correctly calling a red-card-free match, so take a guess.) Rachel Corsie for an elaborate Scottish curse of the referee.

Make your fun prediction, and give a “thumbs up” to anybody else’s prediction that tickles your fancy: After Corsie’s red card, the fans attempt to one-up her in creative cursing. The ref waves a red card in the general direction of the stands and the fans wave back but with only one finger.

· Correct score: 5 points
· Correct result (draw/win/loss): 3 points
· Each clean sheet: 2 points
· Each goal-scorer: 1 point
· Each FK/PK/assist/lack of assist: 1 point
· Goal/assist bonus: 1 point
· Player with the first yellow card of the match: 1 point
· A player with a red card: 1 point
· Most liked/most outrageously accurate prediction: 2 points

Some ground rules and explanations/clarifications (the fine print):
Comments must be posted before kickoff, but you can edit or amend an earlier prediction right up to the starting whistle.

Keep your scoreline predictions realistic. No crazy scores just to pad out your odds of getting goals and assists.

The goal/assist bonus is an additional point if you predict the correct scorer and assistant on the same goal, for example, you say Hubly scores from a Boureille assist and that is exactly what happens. P.S. if you say exactly that, and it happens, I will hunt you down and buy you a beer!

Be clear whether you think a goal will be unassisted, assisted, or from a PK/FK. Unassisted = no assist, run of play; Assisted = player who got the assist; PK/FK = not in run of play. For the purposes of this thread, Penalty Kick and Free Kick are the same thing. No entry means unassisted.

The game thread will usually be posted 48 hours before each match.

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4 thoughts on “The Thorns Prediction Game

  1. 0-3

    Sinc PK
    Horan (Moultrie)
    Smith (Kuikka)

    YC Horan
    RC Ball

    Franch and all the ex Thorns try their best to keep her team in it but eventually they cannot stop a humming Thorns. The back line collapses after giving up a PK for pulling Weaver down by the ponytail. Learning from her previous confrontations that falling and not fighting back is the better choice, Weaver does a cartoonish fall and arm wave to get as much attention as possible.

  2. 3-1 Thorns

    Smith (Weaver)
    Sinc (PK)
    The Great Horan (Salem)

    Hamilton (Weber)

    YC: Weber
    RC: Weaver

    Tensions boil over as unfinished business from the June meeting escalates throughout the game with Edmonds baiting Weaver when the center ref isn’t looking to the point where, in the 89th minute, Weaver lays her out with a well timed right hook. She then proceeds to show herself a red card (which she’d lifted from the ref a few minutes earlier…who knew she had such skills!) and walks off the field. Parsons, for once, is at a complete loss for words as the handful of Riveters present give the young star a standing ovation.

  3. 0-2

    Smith (Horan)

    YC: Horan (she’d better not! That would suspend her for Tacoma..!)
    RC: Edmonds

    I still don’t have a silly/funny story in me. Maybe a nice one-sided romp over the Kroyals will get me some storytelling mojo back.

  4. Thorns 3-0 KC

    Horan (Klingenberg)
    Sinclair (Smith)
    Everett (Moultrie)

    YC: LaBonta
    RC: K Pickett

    As the second half progresses the sinking sun combines with sporadic rain showers to produce a double rainbow and a spectacular sky. Hopefully a good omen.


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