The Thorns Prediction Game

Well that was unpleasant.

The Thorns lost in the playoff semifinals to the Red Stars for the second time in a row. None of our players scored a point from the run of play. 4-4-2 got the wild bonus for the Return of KK.

[0-2 loss, Johnson from DiBernardo, Waldmoe from Gautrat. Salem yellow card, no red card. A perfect prediction was worth 17 points.]

Congratulations to Constant Weeder for a consistent, season-long performance! You win our grand prize: $50 in merchandise of your choice from Rivet Gear. They don’t have gift certificates, so if you will go to the website,, pick out what you want (doesn’t have to total exactly to the cent), and send me your mailing address, I will have it shipped straight to you. You can email me at richard [at] hamje [dot] net. If you do it this week, you should have your goodies before Thanksgiving.

Our middle-of-the-pack award goes to Roses, who has held that position for most of the season. Good work! Your prize is $25 at Rivet Gear, same process as above.

Thank you to everyone who played! It was an interesting season, to say the least, and your creativity helped make it a bit more fun for us all.

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3 thoughts on “The Thorns Prediction Game

  1. As always, thanks for hosting, coordinating, and keeping up the good cheer Richard. So long as the Thorns are on the field and you’re running the game count me in!

  2. Well, I’m cherishing my runners-up medal (insert gif of Abby Wambach ripping off hers after the 2013 Final…)

    Good fun, gang, even with the less-than Happy Ending.

    See you next season!

  3. Thanks, Richard, for making this happen. It adds another dimension to being a Thorns fan, and it also encourages me to pay more attention than I otherwise would to the rest of the league. And I enjoy reading the wild and wonderful tales thought up by you and my fellow competitors. Finally, it’s good to take part in a civilized online conversation. Hope to see everyone next year.


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