The Thorns Prediction Game

Results from Matchday 19. Future TBD.

Eight years of frustration for the Red Stars ended as they beat the Thorns 2-1. Sinclair got the Thorns off to a good start (again), but Bixby gifted an equalizer and then Chicago scored on a nice cross-and-shoot sequence. The Thorns could not find an answer.

Four players predicted a Sinclair goal but all the other possible points went begging. Constant Weeder bagged the two wild points with a take on “Who’s on first?” involving borrowed shirts and a befuddled referee.

[2-1 loss. Sinclair from Dunn, Watt from Wright, Hill from Pugh. First yellow card to Sauerbrunn, no red.]

Roses is (permanently?) in the middle-of-the-pack prize spot

Now we know that there will be no match this weekend. We will resume once the revised schedule is available.

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5 thoughts on “The Thorns Prediction Game

  1. Does anyone have the heart to play this week? I’ll see if I can pull myself together before kickoff. If the players can do it on the field, I should be able to under much easier conditions.
    Can’t ignore the current situation, and can’t make light of it either.

  2. 2-2

    Smith (Weaver)
    Sinc (pk)

    LeSom (Pinoe)
    Balcer (Fishlock)

    YC: Fishlock
    RC: Bouhaddi

    The behavior of idiots and monsters like Riley, Burkhart, Benstiti, Baldwin, Holly, Harrington, Borislow, Cordeiro, Blatter, etc. and those who allow them to get away with various crimes and atrocities, and sometimes even invite them back for more, threaten the game we love and the livelihood of the players we adore. There must be accountability in the leadership and protection for the players and staff.

    However, a decade ago things were looking bleak for pro women’s football in the US and up until fairly recently players (and women everywhere) were afraid to speak out. Now we have majority women owned teams, good sponsors, female leadership (for better or worse) at the league and US Soccer levels, and (finally) we’re starting to see real accountability. Does that make up for past transgressions? Of course not – but I celebrate the progress towards a time when women can have a successful, rewarding, lucrative, and safe career in pro soccer.

    Watching women’s soccer, the Thorns in particular, is one of my greatest joys in life. Playing this prediction game with all of you is something I look forward to every week. I refuse to allow the rich boys club that has been a necessary evil for too long ruin it for me, or worse, for the players. I find the talk (outside this forum) of the NWSL folding in the aftermath maddeningly frustrating, as it hurts everyone but those responsible.

    That said, I respect all of you and your opinions. I’ve made my prediction, but if I’m the only one then I’ll forego the points.

    1. I think anyone who wants should make their prediction.
      I agree with what you say, except that I think many players are still afraid to speak up.
      It sounds like there may not be games this weekend anyway. NWSL supposedly working on language for a statement (per Meg Linehan).


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