Episode 49: December Drafts

Trade maneuvers made our protected list moot; a successful college draft was marred by a rookie’s mistake; and the league released a preliminary 2022 schedule framework.

Be sure to check out the Rose City Riveter’s raffle to benefit the newly formed NWSLPA National Players Emergency Trust.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 49: December Drafts

  1. I wanted to append the thing which we discussed but got left out of the final pod cut – options for the Challenge Cup.

    I’m not sure that my disinterest in the CC came through. I’m fine using it as preseason. I could care less about it as silverware, because it’s like the playoffs only even MORE random.

    BUT…there’s one way that it could be more fun and perk my interest.

    First, take Kassouf’s suggestion and move it to midseason.
    Second, make it the WoSo Open Cup.

    Seriously. Start the elimination process in May, when the W League and USL clubs play each other. It’s literally open – you have a bar team? Hell, yes – register and play for glory!

    So by July there’s a lower-tier club waiting to play the NWSL teams. – say four lower-division clubs in each four-NWSL-club pod. Home-home, top four get pod semi, top two go to CC playoffs. Top two get byes for the first round, then play the winners of the first round, winners of that go to Cup Final.

    Can you imagine how awesome it’d be to have Chip’s Crab Shack playing Gotham for the Cup?!? YES!!!!

    Otherwise? Meh. Who needs to play Houston one more time..?

    1. In terms of structure, I’d see the 8-team pods playing single elimination with the lower-seeded team selecting the venue. Maybe it would be the little team’s home field advantage (imagine the Thorns playing in a city park in Ashland) or maybe the little team would want the experience (and payday) of playing in the NWSL stadium (remember Cal FC?). Single elimination takes less time with three rounds needed to complete the pod, plus improves the odds of having Cinderellas.

      I don’t know if NWSL is up for the organizing this would require, but it sure would be fun for us fans!

      1. Yes, yes, yes! to the lower division team getting a match at their home field! I want to see Le Sommer or Alex Morgan playing on the community college pitch where the rec league team plays!

        And they should also get the trip to the Big City lights!

        This would be so much fun. I wish the league would do it…


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