EpIsode 24: Mixed Metaphors

It’s finally happened– World Cup call ups have happened. What will that mean for the Thorns facing Orlando? And what happened in New Jersey? Why does John use so many mixed metaphors? Join Patrick, Richard, John and (drumroll please) Shannan for the newest episode of Riveting!

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One thought on “EpIsode 24: Mixed Metaphors

  1. So just an addendum to the discussion of the Sky Blue match in the podcast; rather than stomping the Blues flat North Carolina was unable to find a goal and gave them another point with a scoreless draw.

    I’m honestly not sure what that tells us about the Thorns’ 2-2 draw.

    IS Sky Blue better than their record? The tale of the tape suggests that they may not be; the match was ridiculously one-sided.

    NCC outshot SBFC 28-8 (but both sides put only 3 on frame). The Courage earned 15 corners, put in 32 crosses, forced SBFC into 47 clearances, and had nearly 60% of the possession.

    Perhaps is suggests that NCC is going to be hammered hard by the loss of their internationals, and is going to have similar issues finding goals that the Thorns appear to be likely to have.

    But Sky Blue remains above only the hapless Orlando Ashamed.


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