Episode 23: Dr. Sinclair, PhD

We beat Orlando! (Though maybe we shouldn’t have). We drew Chicago (though maybe we shouldn’t have). What about Sky Blue?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 23: Dr. Sinclair, PhD

  1. I did want to note a correction to the internationals list in our discussion. We assumed that Utah would lose Vero Boquete, but have been informed that she is not rostered for Spain, having left the national team in protest of the conditions in 2015, rejoined and was then dropped in 2017, and does not appear on the current roster. She will be a serious candidate to give Utah some punch during the WC break…

  2. When Utah is not playing Portland I support them. I could watch Vero play all day. I am beginning to think that the top four teams may be NC, Chicago, Portland and Utah. Seattle has looked shaky, but then no Pinoe, no Catley, and no Fishlock, that hurts.

    The fact that Vero is not on the Spanish team makes me sad, really sad. She is still so good and well respected in Spain. A soccer stadium in her home town has been named after her. In addition, she has a regular sports commentary column in El PaĆ­s. She recently wrote about life after soccer, and wondering about how some of these young prodigies on the men’s side will handle life after 35. For women there has always been the necessity of having a plan B.


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