Thoughts on the Season

By Janet Potter
Wow, there have been so many moments -from the CAPO’s stand to the players – how could one moment be more important than another?
I am proud to be a Riveter, proud to be the Mom/Gram/Auntie/or whatever title – proud to be allowed to have my freedom to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do so!
My baby girl, Sunday R White, she brought me here – unbeknownst to her – she is the reason I am a soccer-freak.  I first read about the Timbers in 1973 – in 1974 I was hooked.  In 2013 – WE, PORTLAND – FVCKING OREGON – WE WERE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A WOMEN’S TEAM!!! THE THORN’S ARRIVED AND MY HEART NEVER LOOKED ELSEWHERE.
The Thorns mean more to me than “just a soccer team” – they ARE the epitome’ of women being able to advance their freedoms in so many ways.  From the first moment I became a Mother to the last second of the semi-final this year – – the women in my life have such impact – starting with Sunday Renee White!
How do I measure all the ways the Thorn’s being here have elevated my whole life experience?
Women are amazing, enlightening, love-filled, generous to a fault, stronger than any man I have EVER known, more empathy, love and all that stuff –  just WOW!!
Seeing Sinclair on the pitch – my heart literally swoons to see that dedication, love for the sport and life, the dedication/love for the team and fans!  Sinclair has the perfect balance..there is not a single person on our team, in our town or community that is involved with soccer that I am not in awe of!
Janet Potter
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