Episode 9: Maybe We Spoke a Little Too Soon (w/Zippy of Soccer Touchdown)

So, things aren’t looking as bright as they were at the beginning of the month. Will the Thorns survive? Will Mark Parsons use that diabolical brain of his to come up with a solution? Is Meg Morris a cyborg? Find out the answers to this and more! Featuring special guest Zippy of the excellent Soccer Touchdown Podcast!


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2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Maybe We Spoke a Little Too Soon (w/Zippy of Soccer Touchdown)

  1. Well our pals Sky Blue and FCKC lent us a hand this past weekend, so now the only team with a game in hand on us is the Spirit, so c’mon you Sky Blue!

    Still, we need to get a result against Seattle here, and their 5-2 deconstruction of Orlando – for all that it doesn’t sound like it was the beatdown the scoreline suggests – is worrysome. I think we need to hope for the Joisey Goils to slap Washington around while we defend heroically, counter, and try to sneak the points – no more ugly defensive breakdowns! That, and we need some fullbacks to have solid games; between Berryhill against KC and Skogerboe and Lofton against the Dash we’ve had some pretty awful performances at outside back and have paid for it.

  2. Re: your assessment of the Houston match, I think that the tire fire there was a combination of:
    1. sudden gelling of Daly, Ohai, and to a lesser extent Ubogagu and O’Sullivan, and
    2. the Portland fullbacks having awful nights, and
    3. terrific defending by Houston, especially Cami Privett, who pretty much closed down Raso to the extent that anyone can shut down Raso, and
    4. Heat, humidity, and some lingering fragility from the FCKC loss, and
    5. Coach Parsons coming in overconfident and not adjusting to Houston’s effective movement when it became obvious.


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