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    John Lawes

    I’d like to predict a Thorns win in regulation time, but my guess is a scoreless draw through 90. But then we go to PKs, and Campbell is a beast against the spot-kick, so I’ll guess 4-3 Houston in the lottery.

    YC: Mewis
    RC: Mewis (2YC)

    After picking up her third nasty turf burn of the tournament in the final moments of the match, Klingenberg is so furious with the conditions of the pitch that as the rest of the teams are cooling down and socializing she sneaks into the equipment room, soaks a bunch of pinnies with lighter fluid, and tries to set fire to the corner flag. Her teammates dump the water bucket on it and her and lead her away cursing like a sailor.

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    John Lawes

    Hate to say this, but with three goals over 540 minutes this one looks like a scoreless draw

    YC Salem
    RC Momoki

    Lindsey Horan comes closest to breaking the deadlock with a rasping header in the 87th minute that sends former Thorn Michelle Betos sprawling and draws an enraged Coach Benstiti to the touchline.

    “You are steel a fat peeg, ‘Oran!” he snarls, at which point Horan strolls to the sideline, remarks to the fourth official “I learned this in France, too, and I’ve been waiting for years to use it on this frog-eating chancre…” and headbutts the Frenchman senseless.

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    John Lawes


    Sinclair (pk)
    Watt (Nagasato)

    YC Gorden
    RC Klingenberg

    Chicago gets into the Utah vibe by changing their name to the Jackmormons and adopting the stake president of Sandy, Brigham Sword-of-the-Lord Abraham as their mascot.

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    John Lawes

    Glad to see I’m not the only Eeyore here about today’s meeting.

    But, yeah…just seems like it’s going to be ugly for PTFC. My hope is that Parsons will use this as a learning experience to figure out a plan to actually beat these people.

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    John Lawes

    Carolina 2 : 1 Portland

    Debinha (u/a)
    Horan (Rodriguez)
    Williams (Mewis)

    YC Sauerbrunn
    RC Dahlkemper

    The teams combine for 22 fouls (11 each), 16 shots (13 NCC, 3 PTFC)

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    John Lawes

    New post up at the site as well to discuss:

    I think the league is caught on a cleft stick. This is extraordinarily reckless. But if there’s no NWSL until April 2021…will there BE an NWSL in April, 2021? I’m not sure the league and the owners feel confident there will be…

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