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The first step is to avoid them. This may not always be easy, but the second step is to understand what they are and how they work.
– Manipulation (the most common; usually an offer that seems too good to be true)
– Deception (misleading presentation that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny)
– Betrayal (exploitation of trust)
– Malice (hostile and malicious intent)
There are a few basic rules for avoiding scams:
Try not to get tricked by a scammer – If you suspect something isn’t right email the scammer asking for proof before you make any payments. Don’t pay money without proof – If you suspect that something isn’t right, don’t make any payments until you’re sure it’s safe, or if you think it’s safe, then don’t pay until you’ve confirmed it. Don’t get ripped off by scammers – Don’t let anyone talk their way into your bank account or otherwise take advantage of you. Stay safe by knowing what scams are and don’t fall for them! Be careful about claiming fake skills – Just because someone says they are in a field does not mean they have any experience in it that can help you with your project. Be careful about accepting advice from unsolicited individuals – They may have had some form of negative experience as well as having no real knowledge on your subject matter. A good resource I’d recommend here is this one from the FTC on how to check if someone has actually met with an expert before giving them advice: On average, an unsolicited email is 150 times more likely to be fraudulent than legitimate mail You should only give advice when someone brings up specific details or specific topics – It’s better to discuss general ideas such as good design practices than specific features such as color schemes and font styles Don’t let yourself be bamboozled by impostors – Anyone can set up an email address, write a blog post or start a forum thread claiming expertise on anything from finance to programming
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